We covered a multitude of challenges

Cornelia Luethi
Words By Cornelia

Intense period of change

I’ve recently had to deal with some traumatic, life-changing events that changed me as a person - and in a very short period of time. This intense period of change meant I had to confront the new me, and my new future, on a number of levels: myself, my beliefs, my behaviours, my business, and my relationships with others. I also had to learn how to leave past negative patterns and beliefs in the past - something I’d tried to do by myself with online courses, but somehow I failed every time.

So I was at a loss as to what to do. And my own thought processes kept going round in circles.

I knew I needed help

I’d met Steph online in a business forum about ten years ago, and had followed her on social media since. It occurred to me that she might be just the person to have a wide enough skill set to help me on all fronts. (I didn’t really want to see two or three professionals; that would have been energetically too draining.) An article Steph wrote really resonated with me, so I looked up her skills and training on her website and I was pleasantly taken aback at her breadth of experience. I realised then that she was just the right person to help me.

I invested in Steph’s 3-session SHIFT coaching programme

In all honesty, I felt sceptical that we’d cover such a multitude of challenges in just three sessions.

But - we did it - and easily! I was absolutely gobsmacked, but Steph’s techniques are powerful, quick, and effective.

Working with Steph, you get the feeling there’s nothing she hasn’t seen or worked with, and I felt safe sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with her. She doesn’t judge, and is very wise and solution-focused. 

I highly recommend Steph’s coaching, and would definitely work with her again in the future.