The personal growth has been just incredible

Ina Meeten

This year the NLP Practitioner course, which is usually in three, 6-day blocks, needed to be in two 9-day blocks due to Covid. I can see why Stephanie usually has it  in three blocks, the nine days were pretty exhausting! But I am very thankful that Stephanie was so flexible to alter the blocks so that we finished very close to the original date. Thank you Stephanie! It was great to still finish the course in 2020.

The two blocks were an amazing experience - not always easy, because at the same time of learning all the fantastic NLP techniques, I was dealing with my own personal changes, which was at times quite emotional.

It was so worthwhile!

The personal growth has been just incredible. I feel like a new person! I came out of this course not just feeling so much more confident and happy and calm within myself, but also ready and excited to chase my dreams and start on my new career path. Since I finished the course I have already made significant steps towards my new career, which before would have felt impossible. NLP is very beneficial for me personally and also professionally.

For me the highlights of this course were

  • The improvement of my listening and communication skills,
  • Understanding my values and identifying my mission.
  • Learning how to set goals in a very efficient way, as well as
  • Learning how to remove unwanted emotions and beliefs.

I can only highly highly recommend doing the NLP Practitioner course with Stephanie in Raglan.