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Minding Your Mind
Head and shoulders shot - Stephanie Philp

Hi I’m Stephanie Philp, and I can help you to:

  • Ditch your ‘stinking thinking’ and regain control to achieve the peace of mind, resilience and happiness you deserve.
  • Silence your Internal Terrorist and regain an upbeat and positive mental attitude.
  • Make it stick even if you’ve already tried unsuccessfully to change negative thinking patterns in the past.

Here’s the problem you face:

As a society we’ve never been taught how our mind works. And if you don’t know how your mind works, then you’re in no position to take care of it, and to make the effective changes necessary to feel better — except to take some type of drug therapy. And if you’re taking medication to feel better and don’t learn how to manage your mind, what happens when you stop taking the medication?

Did you know:

In 2020, 98 million people —1 person in every 3 — were taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication or mood stabilisers to help them feel better? I suspect this USA statistic is similar in other parts of the world, or even worse now, in 2023. All of those drugs come with horrendous side effects and the possibility of addiction.1

The tragedy is that many people end up back on medication. It’s a situation that I feel compelled to help change.

Do you:

  • Often feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and struggle with damaging self talk?
  • Believe you’ll feel better when the world, or even your circumstances change?
  • Feel depressed and stressed with unwanted and negative thinking?
  • Find you’re ‘in your head’ a lot of the time — physically present — but mentally somewhere else?
  • Feel tired — but battle to get a decent night’s sleep?

I know what it’s like!

I used to have some of those problems myself.

I’d struggle with unwelcome thoughts and hideous self-talk. I’d worry about awful events that might happen, and focus a lot of my attention on them. This created more and more anxiety, until I’d feel strung out and about to break. I was moody, without understanding how to break the cycle.

My thinking would wear me out. I’d fall into bed, exhausted and depressed only to toss and turn until morning.

Then I’d get up, rinse and repeat!

I was so upset and uptight, I convinced myself I was ill. My doctor examined me and told me there was nothing wrong with me — and asked if it wasn’t about time I started a family!

And — surprise, surprise — that just made me feel worse!

So I set out on a journey to ‘fix’ myself.

I took course after course, initially for my own personal development; self hypnosis, creative visualisation, meta-physics, spiritual development, NLP, conflict resolution, iridology, Touch for Health, Reiki, massage, yoga, meditation etc.

Over time and with greater self-awareness and learning, I figured out what I was doing to make myself so miserable, and, more importantly what I could do to change it.

And change it I did!

I became so curious about human potential, I started taking professional courses to gain more skills and to learn how to teach what I knew to others.

You’ll be bored with the details of everything I’ve studied and qualified in, so let’s just say that most of them relate to thinking, behaviour, communication and mindset. With enough certificates to paper the 4 walls of my office and down both sides of the hallway, I’m still learning.

My training has led me to become qualified as an international Master Trainer and a Master Coach Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis, a trainer of Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), and a business mentor.

Prior to setting up my own training, coaching and development consultancy in 1998, I worked in various people centred positions, culminating with a Human Resources Manager role as part of the Senior Management Team in a power company.

Throughout my people-centred work life, combined with numerous voluntary roles, and my extensive training, I’ve gained a deep understanding of human nature and how all aspects of life impact us as individuals.

As a conference presenter, international trainer and author of 5 books, my work has impacted thousands of people all over the world.

I’ve been married — and divorced. I’ve learnt to laugh at myself and not to take life so seriously.

I’ve trained and worked with thousands of people who, perhaps like you:

  • Unconsciously create frightening images that influence their decisions and hold them back.
  • Struggle to silence their ‘Internal Terrorist’, feeling overwhelmed by their thoughts.
  • Constantly worry about things that have never happened — but who are fearful they might.

Any change begins with a thought

No wait! EVERYTHING begins with a thought! Yet how many of us have been taught how to think?

At school I learnt English, maths, geography, history, science etc. But there were no classes that taught me how to think.

Not one.

Instead I was taught what to think. What about you?

Has anyone explained to you:

  • The structure of thought; the ongoing process of how you compose your thoughts?
  • The impact thinking has on the rest of your neurology?
  • How language, especially individual words affect you emotionally?
  • How to overcome unwanted behavioural patterns?
  • How negative thinking can become habitual, reinforcing unwanted programming?
  • How you create and maintain your moods?
These days, the comment I hear most often in my training courses is similar to this from Life Coach, D. McClelland.
How come we weren’t taught this is school? I can apply the skills immediately. D. McClelland, Life Coach
It doesn’t seem as if things have changed much as far as schooling goes!

If you don’t learn how to manage your thinking at school, where do you learn it?

Well, you could do as I’ve done and spend a small fortune on a zillion training courses, and travel all over the world to take them.

Most people would prefer to spend their hard earned cash on holidays and having fun. Me?

Nah, training courses!

And now, I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to reconnect with their authentic self — to leave behind anything keeping them stuck — and to live life on their terms.

I suspect you don’t really want, or need a similar journey to mine

And you probably don’t want to spend hours and hours meditating, cross-legged on the floor. Or trying to force yourself into an impossible yoga pose. Yoga and meditation are great — I’ve learned and used them too. They’re both useful if you’re willing to put in the hours to learn and develop your practice.

You probably just want to feel more in control of your own mind, and your  creative thinking processes, so you can get on with living your life and feeling happy. Yes?

Sound like you?

Great! You’re in the right place.

Let me introduce you to the Minding Your Mind Course


The Minding Your Mind course gets you straight to the nuts and bolts of how your mind works (No, there aren’t any actual nuts and bolts in your mind — it’s just a figure of speech!) And you’ll learn easy ways to replace stress with peace.


It’s a practical and fun online course you’ll take in your own time, and at your own pace, fitting it into your schedule where it suits you. This alleviates any possible further stress of having to be on a Zoom call at a particular time.

You’ll learn ways to rewire aspects of your mindset that are holding you back and re- programme yourself for peace and calm. Or happiness and excitement! Whatever emotional state you’d like can be yours, regardless of your current circumstances.

Your current situation is, for the most part, irrelevant to your mindset

I know, it sounds strange, doesn’t it? Yet, I bet you know people in a similar situation to yourself, who experience life more cheerfully. It’s easy to find stories of people in poorer countries, who don’t suffer from the malaise that those of us in more affluent nations are afflicted with.

Very encouraging and funny

I found it valuable in understanding myself and getting techniques to take control of my life. Go for it — it'll change your life and open up your mind.

So many possibilities...

The trainer had great ways of helping me understand easily and was very encouraging and funny.

Kay W, New Zealand

Your mindset determines your perception of life

Because you are such a sensual being (meaning you use all your senses to ‘make sense’ of your experiences) you might believe that your external circumstances are what determine your mood.

Not true!

Ways to be more positive

This course was extremely worthwhile and beneficial. I learnt ways to be more positive in any given situation. Very well presented.

John W, Portugal

It’s your perception of your circumstances that determine your mood

This is good news, because you can’t always change your circumstances, but you do have power over the way you interpret and perceive those circumstances. We all have control over our mind. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to exercise that control, because we haven’t been taught.

Excellent self-learning and knowledge

My biggest learning was about my own behaviour patterns. The course gave me excellent self-learning and knowledge. It was interesting, entertaining and informative.

Jilly S, Portugal

In the Minding Your Mind course you’ll discover an easy, step- by-step system to:


Break the cycle of anxiety and worry, so you feel calm and content.


Subdue your Internal Terrorist, and put a stop to that unwanted self-talk.


Think your way to a positive mental/emotional state.


‘Make sense’ of incoming information in ways that empower you rather than causing further anxiety.


Discover how language effects how you feel. Once you gain a first hand experience of this, you’ll stop that infernal self-talk.


Understand how your mind filters information from your five senses and learn new ways to live with an optimistic mindset.


Escape the blues — in 90 seconds or less.


Uncover how just moving your eyes can lighten your mood.


Understand the ‘body language’ of language itself.

You’ve helped me more than you know

Jenny K, New Zealand

Thank you so much. You've helped me more than you know. LOOK OUT WORLD!

Minding Your Mind is an experiential, learn-as-you-go training programme

This course is for you if you’re open-minded, like real life examples, and are prepared for new techniques and exercises that you can implement and test out for yourself.

Like many great things, the approaches in Minding Your Mind are simple to learn. Someone described them as ‘uncommon sense’ — they make a lot of sense once you know them.

Simple yet complex

John R, New Zealand

Wide-ranging in its applicability. Simple yet complex. Very powerful.

Course Content

Minding Your Mind



How you think using your senses; how you ‘make sense’ of things.


A model of communication. This comprehensive model is also simple and you’ll get loads of examples to test out immediately for yourself.


How you’re creating your own reality — one thought at a time. Once you know this, you can create a different reality, if you so choose.


The difficulties of processing negative language.



How you create your perspectives on life with your mental maps, and how to change whatever isn’t working for you.


Ways to take control and responsibility for your thinking: being at cause, rather than at effect.


The mind-body system. How your thinking affects you physically, and how your physical state affects your thinking.


The achievement model and the impact your thoughts have on what you accomplish.



How to take charge of your minds’ control panel. Discover the many ways you create thought.


How to monitor your mood, so you can be your best more often.


How and why changing a word can give you more motivation.


How to process emotions without losing the plot.


How to deal with your Internal Terrorist.


How to stop negative thinking.


To create an ‘on-demand’ state of calm/peace/confidence.


And much more...

Very helpful, interesting and instructive course

Rob M, Portugal

My biggest learnings were about communication and positive thinking and the ability to change feelings and attitude. It was a very helpful, interesting and instructive course.

Amazing Course

Tahi M, New Zealand

Steph ☺️ What an amazing course. I really enjoyed all the learning and fun little activities. I have so much to take away that will help me in my life. Thank you for your knowledge and time.

P.S. I love your humour.


How the course is structured

The course consists of:


A series of short video presentations, so you can stop, start and review your learning at your leisure, and as time permits.


Informative handouts for each module to back up and reinforce your learning, including action steps for making improvements.


Simple diagrams and mind maps to make your learning easier.


Stories that illustrate principles.


The opportunity to ask questions — and have them answered.


Life-time access to the course, meaning you can review it any time you like.

A deeply transformational journey

HineKaiTeUruTaiAho G, New Zealand

Life changing, inspirational, transformational, enlightening, empowering – just go do it and see for yourself.

Stephanie holds the space perfectly, everything carefully orchestrated to allow a deeply transformational journey to unfold. Perfect venue, homely with lots of interesting spaces to explore. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What others have said about this material

Very pragmatic and common sense approach — makes learning easy

Julie A, New Zealand

Complex concepts were explained simply — such a common sense approach. Something you can take away and practice for work or personally. A big learning for me was understanding the NLP Communication model and the interconnections. Stephanie is great! Very pragmatic and common sense approach — makes learning easy.


Sally C, New Zealand

I found so many useful techniques for confidence, positive self-talk and language/effect of words. This is wonderful. Thank you, Stephanie.

I just keep coming back

Liz A, New Zealand

Absolutely love working with Steph. Her sense of humour, story-telling and depth of knowledge and skill make it so easy to learn and experience the NLP skills she teaches. I just keep coming back.

Helpful models and concepts

Valerie L, New Zealand

Thanks, Steph

Clear, concise course delivering helpful models and concepts to apply in my personal and work life. Looking forward to my future with NLP strategies at my fingertips.

Learnt so much

Linda M, New Zealand

I have learnt so much today about NLP, other people and myself. I have loved the activities and Steph’s wonderful sense of humour. I am looking forward to putting into practice my newly acquired skills.

Thank you, Steph!

Deeper understanding of why I and others do things

Richard B, Portugal

My biggest learning is that we all process the same information differently and it affects our whole approach to life. It’s nice to have a deeper understanding of why I and others do things. Stephanie is a very competent trainer. I would recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in the subject to do it.

Meredith Y, New Zealand

It was valuable with the empowerment of knowing I can change my own state. The trainer was awesome :). This course is an opportunity to understand yourself and how much power you actually have to create the life you want.

How much is it worth to shed your stress?

What would it be worth for your loved ones and others around you?

Is it difficult to put a price on your mental and emotional health?

Perhaps think about how much more you could achieve if, instead of stressing, you had the headspace to focus, and use your mind creatively.

What difference will that make in your life… 6 months from now? A year from now? 5 years?

Heady questions, yes… and important questions to ask.

Because evaluating an opportunity like Minding Your Mind is about so much more than just the money you invest…

It’s about the life you want to create — who you want to be — and how you want to think. And as you let those thoughts whirl in your imagination, keep in mind that I’m committed to helping you make good on your aspirations.

So I’m making Minding Your Mind as affordable as possible, so you can jump in straight away and start making the changes you want.

That means that right now, you can get Minding Your Mind for the lowest price ever offered:

Just $197

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course change my personality?

It won’t change your personality, but it will help you live a more empowered and authentic life.

What if I don’t understand it?

Each module is simple and straightforward, building your knowledge as you go through the course. But if there’s anything you have a question about, just ask. I’m here to help!

Is the course for my own personal development or my professional development?

Minding Your Mind is designed to help you personally. However, all development is personal, initially. Most people, as you’ll see from the testimonials, comment on how the changes they made have improved their personal and professional lives.

So to recap

When you register for the Minding Your Mind training programme today, you get:


A premium, structured step-by-step training that will give you deep insights into how your mind works and provide you with many practical tools to gain control of your thinking and start living life on your terms.


A series of short video presentations enabling you to learn and implement at your own pace.


Handouts, mind maps and other useful tools to enhance your learning.


Ask questions at any time.

Your future starts with a thought

Remember, everything starts with a thought. Whether those thoughts are empowering or disempowering will depend on which neural pathway you allow your mind to journey along.

Let it continue in auto-pilot mode, and you may well be joining the millions of people already taking medication to overcome stress and anxiety and to feel better. Or, rather than giving more money to pharmaceutical companies, invest it in yourself. Learn how to change the programming and develop new neural pathways to provide yourself with the best possible outcomes.

Your well-being goals are achievable

I’ll show you how in the Minding Your Mind course.

Click the button below to enrol in Minding Your Mind today.

To your health and wellbeing!

Stephanie Philp - Close up
‘Head’ Consultant
Inside Your Mind Ltd
P.S. If not now, when? If you pass on this offer, how are you going to feel a week from today?

Ready to join?

Minding Your Mind
Before you register, you’ll probably like to know about…

The Inside Your Mind ‘Inside Out Promise’

Basically it’s this:

“If you don’t see, hear and feel the difference — from the Inside Out — I’ll give you your money back.”

I’m serious. I know how much difference this training makes to people’s lives and I really want you to reap the benefits for your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

So, simply follow and complete the programme within 6 months, and take each step to prove to yourself it works. If you genuinely feel you haven’t changed for the better, from the Inside Out, I’ll give you your money back.

So, for you, it’s a completely risk free investment in your mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Minding Your Mind