Conscious Creation Course


What do you want?

Sorry to be so ‘in your face’! Everyone wants something — that’s just human nature. So what do you want? A great new job? To start your own business? Fabulous, loving relationship? Whatever it is, you can have it so long as you:

  • Learn the simple rules for getting what you want.
  • APPLY the rules to getting what you want.
  • Take inspired action.

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Conscious Creation is simple – right?

If you’ve read my Problems to Possibilities Guide, you’ll know that the concepts that underlie the Law of Attraction are fairly simple — in fact there are only six steps.

So why isn’t everyone living their dream life?

It’s one thing to ‘know’ this stuff. It’s another to actually do it. Personally, I like to take action on whatever I’m learning, because doing so is the quickest way to mastery. Thus I’ve spent many years working with the Conscious Creation process.

While, on the surface the process is simple, underneath there can be all kinds of nuances and ‘catches’ that prevent us reaching our desires.

I know. I’ve learnt — and am still learning — how to spot and work around these, both with myself and with my clients.

It can be extremely frustrating!

If you’re not manifesting what you want, it’s tempting to just give up or feel overwhelmed. But, having someone to guide and help, and a supportive group to travel with can — and does — make all the difference.


“I received enormous benefit from doing the course, from both a personal perspective and how it has also affected those I have come into contact with as the result of my whole being having changed. Your course helped me to be clearer and more trusting in myself and my relationship with universal love and compassion.”

Sue Spurling

LOA isn’t complicated

Understanding the principles and then consistently applying them is what makes the difference. Join me and get this LOA thing nailed! Once. And. For. All!

Are you ready to take action on your dream?

I don’t mean ‘bustin’ your boiler’ and working frantically to achieve what you want. What I’m asking is whether you’re ready to use and apply the skills and tools of conscious creation to your life?

If so, I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

Conscious Creation Course landscape

I felt inspired to facilitate a short, practical, online course to help you get clear on some of the many facets of Conscious Creation. And to practice doing it.

So here I am — taking inspired action!

This is your personal invitation to join me.

We’ll have 8 x 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks. I’ll facilitate these over Zoom, which means you can join in from the comfort of your own space. We’ll have a maximum of eight participants.

This isn’t going to be me preaching to you!

It will be a conversation. You be able to ask questions both during and in between our Zoom calls. I can’t guarantee that your goal will be achieved in 4 weeks, but I can promise that you will have a whole set of tools that will help you manifest your goal — and plenty of practice in using them.


“I recently completed Stephanie’s Conscious Creation course, with great results! I went along with a goal in mind but ended up focusing on maintaining a positive state, which seems to be to key when it comes to being in the flow and having good and interesting things come my way!

I found it useful to meet twice weekly (via video conferencing) as it kept me on task and had me practicing what we’d learned in each session. I really enjoyed the way Stephanie delivered the programme and the way she interacted with each of us – respectfully, playfully at times(!) and always providing the feedback and support we each needed. Was great to learn from each other too — when other people shared what had been happening for them since the previous session, I found it inspiring and motivating! The pace was perfect and the materials easy to follow. Thoroughly recommended! Thanks heaps Stephanie!”

Karen Kemsley

Does this sound inspiring?

You’ve been reading about taking inspired action. Is this something you feel inspired to do? If so, you already know how important it is to act on that inspiration.

So get your creative super-hero gear on — and let’s get going!

creative superhero

Each course is limited to eight people. That way everyone gets the personal attention they need and deserve.

You’ll come with a goal you want to consciously create

Together we’ll explore the conscious creation process and find ways to remove any resistance, limiting beliefs, or self-imposed obstacles that prevent you aligning with your dream.

Embody Conscious Creation skills

  • Get answers to questions and work with a small group of supportive people to nail the Conscious Creation Process.
  • Learn the practical applications and the secrets ‘The Secret’ didn’t tell you.
  • Listen and watch call recordings as often as you like — extract all the juiciness.
  • You’ll receive information prior to each call so we can make the most of our time together.
  • You’ll need to commit to showing up for the calls — and completing the assignments — so you get a deep dive into how this Law Of Attraction stuff really works.

So whaddya’ think?

At just $199 US it works out to less than $25 per session — unbelievably good value when you consider the cost of personal one-to-one coaching with me.

Place goal here bubble

Course Outline

This is just an overview, and it may change a little to accommodate the needs of the group.

Module one

(This will be a slightly longer call so we have a little time to get to know one another)

  • The nature of the universe
  • The Law of Attraction — what it is — and what it isn’t.
  • State/Vibration/Frequency
Module two
  • Everything starts with a thought
  • How ‘thinking’ works.
  • The mind/body system 
  • Defining your dream
Module three
  • ‘Sensualising’ your goal
  • Gratitude.
  • Scarcity vs Abundance thinking.
Module four
  • ‘Sensualising’ your goal – details.
  • Turning up the volume on your dream.
  • Trusting the universe.
  • Taking inspired action — connecting to your heart.
Module five
  • Review of journey so far.
  • Discussion and questions.
  • Ways to access a great state/frequency/vibration.
Module six
  • Synchronicities — signs from the universe.
  • Self sabotage, conflicting belief systems.
Module seven
  • Creating personalised affirmations.
  • Vision Boards.
  • Leaving behind outdated dreams.
Module Eight
  • Questions and answers.
  • Where to from here?
  • Further resources.

Contact me to find out when the next Conscious Creation Course starts