Fun and Laughter: The Secret to Thriving in Turbulent Times


The fun and laughter-filled podcast you need right now

In the 35-minute podcast (See the bottom of this post), I had an engaging chat with Aaron Mooar from Raglan Radio. We dove into the essential topic of fun and laughter, especially crucial in these bizarre and challenging times we’re navigating.

Turning a grumpy day around

Aaron’s previous guest was a no show, and Aaron was a little miffed, and fed up of talking about ‘grumpy things’.  Admitting he needed to force himself into the right mindset to address the topic of fun and laughter—because everyone seemed angry—but talking about fun and laughter seemed like a good idea. And so we began…

Finding sunshine in a cloudy world

Let’s face it, some days it feels like the world is going to hell in a hand basket, especially if you overdose on the news (or the latest propaganda). But, as I pointed out to Aaron, I knew that after leaving the studio, I’d encounter numerous smiling faces, warm hugs, and the glorious sunshine outside.

A royal joke and timeless comedy

We chuckled over jokes and I shared a true story from X (Twitter) about how Tommy Cooper had cheekily asked the Queen for a favour after a Royal Variety Performance.

You’ll have to tune in to discover what he asked for! 😜. Tommy’s comedy, with its clean humour and impeccable timing, always gets me. His fez-wearing antics and his ability to laugh at himself are timeless.

Growing up with humour

My sense of humour? Well, it’s a blend of my Jamaican father’s sense of fun and my English mother’s dry humour. Despite a childhood marred by prejudice and bullying, humour was a saving grace. Being the only ‘dark-skinned’ pupil in school wasn’t easy, but it taught me to laugh at life’s absurdities.

The playground showdown

Speaking of school, I recounted a particularly memorable incident with Jean Owen, the school bully. One day, having had enough, I stood up to her. It was a turning point, and I covered this in my article about conflict resolution. The lesson? Sometimes you have to fight back—then look back with humour!

Laughing at life’s problems

a group of people sitting in chairs having fun

The real problem is the way the person is thinking about their issue. We tend to listen to people’s problems and then offer them solutions. We all know that what some people consider a problem, is nothing for someone else. So in my coaching role, and what I teach people in NLP Practitioner Training is to focus on how someone is thinking about a problem.

Fun and laughter—amongst other things— assist them in examining their problems with a different mindset. At this point the challenges they were facing often disappear entirely! If they still have the issue, the change in their state allows them to access resources that weren’t available in their worried or anxious frame of mind.

Uncovering hidden strategies

In our chat, Aaron and I explored the 4 ways people unconsciously create anxiety or depression and how to change those patterns to feel better. We all have strategies for feeling down, but we can also develop strategies for feeling good.

Happiness is a choice

You can choose to be happy or miserable. Aaron suggested some might argue with me on that, but it’s true! We discussed avoiding social media spats and seeing others’ opinions as just that—opinions. We will never develop as a human race if we can only take on opinions that match our own.

We have to be able to listen with an open mind instead of thinking about what we’re going to say as soon as the other person has shut their mouth. We considered that the intensity of social media might be pushing us to choose happiness over anger. Yet amidst the noise, there are positive, uplifting channels. It’s all about what we choose to focus on.

Laughing at myself

Finally, I shared my adventures with Rowf, my Bearded Collie, in dog obedience and agility competitions. While I aimed for championship status, Rowf was more interested in entertaining the crowd. Listen to hear some of our adventures together, and how I eventually stopped being annoyed with my gorgeous dog and succumbed to having fun and laughter.

So, grab a cuppa, have a laugh, and listen to the full podcast for more stories, insights, and a hearty dose of fun and laughter. Because if you don’t laugh at yourself, others will do it for you! 😜

P.S. That’s Rowf and me in the title photo competing in agility. Interesting that I was wearing my “Don’t worry, be happy.” T shirt. 🤣

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